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April, 2005
Reply to the question: "If you could teach the world just one thing..." - a spiked survey of over 250 renowned scientists, science communicators, and educators
Jan. 20, 2005
Justice shouldn't be about helping victims of crime 'come to terms' with what happened to them.
Oct.27, 2004
A psychologist analyses Bush’s gut appeal.
Aug. 11, 2004

Gay marriage is good for mental health says Amer. Psychological Association

April 17, 2004
Politician steals $50,000 ring and cries 'stress'
March 4, 2004
A zero-tolerant world can be a nasty place for kids and adults alike
Jan. 26, 2004
Resilience - skill or character?
Dec 9, 2003
Our fascination with Romeo Dallaire
July 11, 2003
Pedophilia - Does it have to be sick to be wrong?
May 24, 2003
Early-intervention psychiatry for young children may do more harm than good
April 17, 2003
Was the USA's 'Shock and Awe' campaign aimed at Iraqis, or the US public?
Feb. 24, 2003
the military is being warned that troops face a terrible risk.
Oct. 10, 2002
Even judges are excusing lies in our courtrooms, which undermines the entire legal process.
Sept. 11, 2002
Not a day has gone by since last Sept. 11 when that day hasn't been in the news.
Aug. 15, 2002
Controversy's rising again over Victoria's eating disorder clinic
Aug. 20, 2002
Lending weight to psychobabble won't give us what we need: judges with sound judgment.
July 15, 2002
"Living better pharmaceutically" has become the subliminal slogan of our designer-drugged society.
June 18, 2002
With freedom comes responsibility-unless you're a gambler
April 30, 2002
Child-sexuality debate caught in a war of words
Mar. 12, 2002
...what makes for good entertainment makes for bad justice
Not all abuse claims deserve money - Kaufman Report Feb. 14, 2002
Decades ago, misguided government policies resulted in thousands of children being placed in residential schools.
Jan. 17, 2002
...we've been ignoring a virus that is doing equally nasty things to the way our minds function.
Dec. 12, 2001
This war will be an ongoing battle for "the hearts and minds" of people around the world.
Nov. 3, 2001
A Canadian of the Vietnam era feels something unfamiliar...
Trauma counsellors do more harm than good Sept. 20, 2001
Something larger than either life or death has gripped North America.
Sept. 14, 2001
A continent grows up the hardest way - like it or not.
Aug. 17, 2001
Does anybody really benefit when universities cut academic corners to accommodate the disabled?"
Sympathy over-rides justice for killer moms July 25, 2001
A 32-year-old widow lies in a Toronto hospital bed, charged with murder.
June 11, 2001
If we all watched McVeigh die, we might find ourselves asking if it is "right."
June 6, 2001
Psychiatry's push to diagnose evil would be a modern witch hunt,
How 'therapy' becomes a disguise for abuse April 19, 2001
there is virtually no record there of the harm such therapies have caused.
Mar. 16, 2001
...the women's centre turned Nixon away because "she" had once been "he."
When it comes to drug abuse programs, 'just say no' to feel-good time-wasters like DARE Feb. 19, 2001
Report Magazine
When it comes to drug abuse programs, 'just say no' to feel-good time-wasters like DARE

Only men bleed

Feb. 14, 2001
Feb. 14 has been a day of reckoning for men.
We musn't cast jurors as victims Feb. 2, 2001
Gillian Guess, our infamous juror/lover, declares: "I needed help desperately."
Jan. 10, 2001

Twister is the title of a story told by a 15 year-old boy to his creative writing class

Jan. 3, 2001
Since her arrest in 1993, Karla Homolka has held our fascination.
Nov. 23, 2000
What disturbs me is a modern form of religious belief - worship of the Self
Nov. 7, 2000
Bullying is being reported everywhere—in factories, stores, offices, on the roads and in schools.
Sept. 14, 2000
As the high-tech economy grows, so too do waistlines.
Aug. 28, 2000
Rarely does a week go by that I don’t hear of an epidemic of some new psychological disorder.
Aug. 6, 2000
Forgiveness is something we all need to both give and receive. But only if the act is genuine - directed by our heart and not our therapist.
July 13, 2000
...To help, to pathologize this man, is to trivialize and depoliticize the issues.
June 2, 2000
...everyone's good intentions were not enough. The child is dead...
Feb. 14, 2000
None of us who can recall the vibrancy of flower power and the exuberance of free love would have anticipated the demise of passion. We had no idea that mature love would become the domain of sex therapists
Nov. 11, 1999
In remembering our veterans today, we must pay tribute to those who survived, not just for their battlefield service but also for living with their memories.
Sept. 23, 1999
"A bad day? Just take a pill."
Aug. 28, 1999
 "Any way you read it, suicide is a sad and sensitive topic."
Aug. 3, 1999
Perhaps the boards that license psychologists need some sense knocked (excuse me, tapped ) into their heads.
June 8, 1999
"Violent crime is a serious matter but so too is the sanctity of childhood."
May 11, 1999
"There is a controversy swirling around psychology circles these days; is pedophilia as harmful as psychologists say?"
April 22, 1999
"An explanation lies in the incongruity between words and actions. Maybe people are looking for answers in the wrong places."
Dec. 23, 1998
'Tis the overwhelming season, say psychologists. Beware  of gift-giving, baking, family gatherings, decorating and Christmas carols. These aren't sources of joy but of stress.
Dec. 15, 1998
Radical feminist notions about male violence reflect a misuse of statistics based on eugenic assumption
Nov. 17, 1998
We should leave pets to be pets, doing pet things. It's ludicrous to project on to them our own psychic conditions.
Oct. 21, 1998
Will the world whimper to an end if 'strong and silent' is no longer manly?
Sept. 29, 1998
...the Red Cross and the public should know about the risk of tainted trauma.
Sept. 12, 1998
How incredibly narcissistic and self-absorbed we have become as a society...
Aug. 31, 1998
How will our children turn out when they are taught to use drugs to fit in, or to delude themselves with a false sense of esteem, or to blame others for their dishonesty?
Aug. 7, 1998
...people surrender their ability to consent when they become a doctor’s patient.
July 29, 1998
If Viagra lives up to expectations, sex therapists may be out of work.
July 4, 1998
Perhaps we should hold our applause for the psychology association until it comes clean. Will we wait in vain?
June 3, 1998
The professional associations which remain silent should hang their collective heads in shame.
May 6, 1998
Putting aside their professional ethics which require that they meet and fully assess an individual, psychologists, psychotherapists and sex specialists have been quick to offer "expert opinions" on what ails Bill Clinton.
April 14, 1998
Thanks to the psychology Industry, Paula Jones may soon be diagnosed as a victim of victimhood, needing help to recover her victim identity.

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