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The feeling man's president
A psychologist analyses Bush’s gut appeal.
Oct.27, 2004
Modern ritual replaces "wrong" with "illness" The Vancouver Sun April 17, 2004
Smacking Children March 4, 2004
What Bethany Did - Resilience - skill or character? January 26, 2004
Hearts, minds and missiles:Was the USA's 'Shock and Awe' campaign aimed at Iraqis, or the US public?
April 17, 2003
Dire warnings of post-traumatic stress disorder are no help to Canadian soldiers
The Vancouver Sun Feb. 24, 2003
Peggy Claude-Pierre: Angel for anorexics or misguided amateur? The Vancouver Sun Aug. 15, 2002
The Semen Cure   July 15, 2002
Not all abuse claims deserve money - Kaufman Report The Vancouver Sun Feb. 14, 2002
Trauma counsellors do more harm than good The Vancouver Sun Sept. 20, 2001

Sympathy over-rides justice for killer moms

The Vancouver Sun July 25, 2001
How 'therapy' becomes a disguise for abuse The Vancouver Sun April 19, 2001
When it comes to drug abuse programs, 'just say no' to feel-good time-wasters like DARE
Report Magazine Feb. 19, 2001
We musn't cast jurors as victims The Vancouver Sun Feb. 2, 2001

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