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  • A Biographical sketch of Dr. Dineen

    Dr. Dineen was a licensed psychologist in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada for over two decades. She was drawn to the study of psychology in 1965. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Science degree (1969) from McGill University, and a Masters (1971) and Doctoral Degree (1975) from the University of Saskatchewan....(LINK)

  • A collection of some of Dr. Dineen's speeches

    September 25, 2003 - Psychocracy: The Psychological Sphere of Influence. Invited presentation at Seminar "From Hysteria to Depression: Modernity and Its Discontent" arranged by the Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation at the Royal Coin Cabinat, Stockholm, Sweden.

    October 22, 2001 - Therapy's Victims - Madness 101 Mental Health Dialogue Series, The Humanities Storefront, 49 W. Cordova (between Abbott and Carrall), Vancouver. Lecture begins at 7:30 p.m. For more information contact info@madness101.com

    June 15, 2001 - The Making of Victims - Closing address at Mental Health, the Law and the Individual, the 17th annual conference of the Crisis Workers Society of Ontario. Read a Review in the National Post

    October 21, 2000 - TAKING BACK OUR PRIVATE LIVES. The Annual Meeting of the Ontario and Quebec False Memory Support Group.

    October 16, 1999 - Mental Health For Sale: Buyer Beware. "Conference on Mental Illness: The Effects of Depression and How to Cope," the University of Toronto (Miss). Tornto, Ont. Canada. Read a review!

    May 7-9, 1998 - "Psychological Illusions: Professionalism and the Abuse of Power." "(Ab)Using Power: The Canadian Experience," Simon Fraser University School of Criminology. Burnaby, B.C., Canada. The text of her paper is in an newly released book with the same name: "(Ab)Using Power: The Canadian Experience,"

    May 6, 1998 - "Psychologists and Section 15 (Custody and Access): Illusions of Psychological Expertise, Ethics and Objectivity." Invited speech to the Vancouver Family Bar. Sutton Place Hotel. (Text)

    April 27, 1998 - Appearance before the Special Joint Committee On Child Custody and Access of the Canadian House of Commons and Senate

    February 26, 1998 - "Manufacturing Victims." Invited lecture at South Texas College of Law, Houston, TX

    February 18, 1998 - "Psychology and Ethics: The Clash between Morals and Profits." 3rd Annual Philosophy and Professional Ethics Conference - Texas A&M University

    February 6, 1998 - "Are We Manufacturing Victims?" Sexual Harrassment Conference, Continuing Legal Education Society of BC - Vancouver, B.C., Canada (text)

    October 18, 1997 - "Caveat Emptor: Who Profits and Who Pays?" Illinois False Memory Syndrome Society - Chicago, Illinois, USA

    October 7, 1997 - "The Psychology Industry: Its Abuses and Excuses." Canadian Police Association - Western Negotiators Conference - Saskatoon, Sask, Canada

    September 25, 1997 - "Judicial Skepticism: Judging Psychology and Psychologists." Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Some interviews with Dr. Dineen

    In an article entitled "Who are these grief counsellors?", PATRICIA PEARSON of the National Post, (Nov. 22, 2000) writes: "Dineen charges, what evidence exists actually suggests that these intrusions make people feel worse by encouraging them to dwell on their 'inner stresses.'"

    "arguably the planet's preeminent psychotherapy critic via her book "Manufacturing Victims: What the Psychology Industry Is Doing to People" says Michael Roberts of the Denver Westword in an article entitled: "The Wide World of Grief." Sept. 21, 2000For the complete text click here

    An interview conducted by Dr. Susan Kiss Sarnoff for the Women's Freedom Network

    "Psychological disorder: Renegade therapist Tana Dineen speaks her mind on the state of the mental health industry." By Robert Sibley, The Citizen's Weekly, The Ottawa Citizen, Sunday, August 17, 1997

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