Some Interviews with Tana Dineen:

In an article entitled "Who are these grief counsellors?", PATRICIA PEARSON of the National Post, (Nov. 22, 2000) writes: "Dineen charges, what evidence exists actually suggests that these intrusions make people feel worse by encouraging them to dwell on their 'inner stresses.'"

"arguably the planet's preeminent psychotherapy critic via her book "Manufacturing Victims: What the Psychology Industry Is Doing to People" says Michael Roberts of the Denver Westword in an article entitled: "The Wide World of Grief." Sept. 21, 2000For the complete text click here

An interview conducted by Dr. Susan Kiss Sarnoff for the Women's Freedom Network

"Psychological disorder: Renegade therapist Tana Dineen speaks her mind on the state of the mental health industry." By Robert Sibley, The Citizen's Weekly, The Ottawa Citizen, Sunday, August 17, 1997