Some of Dr. Dineen's speeches and interviews will be posted here. Texts currently available are:

How science inspires puzzlement and wonder - Reply to the question: "If you could teach the world just one thing..." - a spiked survey of over 250 renowned scientists, science communicators, and educators

"Dangerous Dreaming" - Published in The National Psychologist, November/December, 1999, p.24

"Psychologists and Family Law: What if the clothes have no emperor?" - Presentation at the 36th Annual Conference of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, June 3, 1999, Vancouver, B.C.

"Psychotherapy: Snake-Oil of the '90s?" - SKEPTIC Magazine, November, 1998 with follow-up letters and replies in the two subsequent issues

Reflections of a Dissident Psychologist - False Memory Syndrome Foundation Newsletter - Sept. '98

"Psychological Illusions: Professionalism and the Abuse of Power" Presented at the Symposium: (Ab)Using Power: The Canadian Experience. Vancouver, B.C. May 8, 1998. A revised version of this paper is available in  (Ab)Using Power: The Canadian Experience. Boyd, Susan C., Chunn, Dorothy E. and Menzies, Robert (Eds). Halifax, NS: Fernwood Publ. 2001.

Custody Evaluations - "Psychologists and Section 15 (Custody Evaluation) Reports: Illusions of Expertise, Ethics and Objectivity." Invited address to the Vancouver Family Law Sections - Canadian Bar Association, May 6, 1998

Presentation  -  Brief to the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Custody and Access, Vancouver, April 27th, 1998

"Sacred Cows and Straw Men" (A response to "The private practice of subversion: Psychology as tikkun olam." by Laura Brown)

"Are We Manufacturing Victims" - Sexual Harassment Course of the B.C. Continuing Legal Education Society, February 1998

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