Manufacturing Victims
What the Psychology Industry is Doing to People
(UK Edition)

Tana Dineen
Introduction by David Smail

The days have long gone when the British could laugh at America for its self-indulgent preoccupation with therapy and counselling. Therapists and counsellors are now firmly established in British culture ready to point for justification of their activities to precisely those observations and arguments criticised so effectively in these pages. ‘Counselling as an appropriate and effective response to public disaster and personal tragedy not only enjoys largely unquestioning acceptance, but has come to be seen as a necessary right of those so afflicted.

While psychology presents itself as a caring profession working for the good of its clients, Tana Dineen argues that it is, in fact, a self-serving industry offering facts which are frequently unfounded, providing therapy which can be damaging, and exerting influence which often has adverse effects on society. Dineen is convinced that the foundations of psychology, its questioning and critical thinking, has been abandoned in favour of power and profit.

The book, first published to great acclaim in Canada, has been completely revised for this UK edition and is a ground-breaking reassessment of the psychology industry that uncovers the way the mental health profession, here as in North America, fabricates victims with devastating consequences for ‘patients'. Tana Dineen s is far more than a cautionary tale. It is above all an unflinching critique of an entire ‘scientific discipline and an expose of the way it has become corrupted by the vested interests of its practitioners.

Tana Dineen is a psychologist in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada. David Smail, who has written the introduction to the UK edition, is the author of Taking Core: An Alternative to Therapy 0 094 77420 X Illusion and Reality: The Meaning of Anxiety 0 094 77440 4; The Origins of Unhappiness: A New Understanding of Personal Distress 0094 793409; and How to Survive without Psychotherapy 0094 784809.

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