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The following is excerted from a January 28, 2002 article by Kelly Patricia O'Meara entitle:

Tana Dineen, a licensed psychologist and author of Manufacturing Victims: What the Psychology industry is Doing to People, tells INSIGHT "I don't know why the NYPD is doing this. Other than appearing to be a civil-rights violation, it sounds like an introductory advertising session to lure in potential client! patients. The police will be told they're suffering from mental illness, and they'll be encouraged to come forward and get the help they need. There are absolutely no data to support the idea that talking about tragic events helps, but there are data that show some people are harmed by talking about it. The idea will get presented, however, that if their feelings go untreated for too long they might need help or may he developing PTSD or some other mental illness. Counselors will tell them that they can help but, in reality, people can end up ruminating more about the negative things, worrying if they have some psychological illness, and become more debilitated."

Dineen says she tends "to look at psychology as a business that needs clients and patients. The going formula is 'trauma equals victims equals patients equals profits.' These (NYPD) guys are going into a promotional session, which will lure them into the idea that they're victims, turn them into patients and create profits for the psychiatric industry. That's one of the problems with my profession - we have all the pat answers. I say don't trust the experts."

According to Dineen, "What you hear from my profession is what might go wrong if people don't get their help. We live in a therapeutic society, and we're told that everything can be fixed or cured. One of the costs to our society is that people have lost the breath of human experience we've been convinced that were not supposed to feel bad things. All of these feelings these people have are natural and necessary, not mental illness. I think my profession is selling some pretty dangerous answers, and people need to be warned about the dangers of some of the theories and bogus therapies that are being sold."

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