Reactions to "Homicide Blond"

Reader Reactions to "Homicide Blond"

January 9th, 2001

Women only feel hatred, disgust and rage for Karla

After reading Dr. Tana Dineen's opinion article ("Homicide Blond," Jan. 3), I felt offended her ideas had even made it to print.

Dr. Dineen believes that a part of women "envies the remarkable erotic power that (Karla Homolka) exudes."

Even reading that statement made me feel nauseous. How could I possibly envy a woman who used her "erotic power" to torture, enslave and eventually kill young innocent girls?

That one of Dr. Dineen's fellow psychologists actually admitted that his "dream date" would be spent with Karla is that much more disheartening.

Is our society really that twisted that men are seduced by this diseased woman and that women themselves are intrigued by her?

I believe that she is the mastermind behind all the atrocities committed by her and Paul Bernardo, but this does not fascinate me. It scares me that she has so much control.

I sincerely hope that Dr. Dineen's views are limited to very few as this would mean that so many of us would be susceptible to this control that she possesses.

All I feel for Karla is hatred, disgust and rage. I am sure that, as women, the mothers of Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French feel the same way.

Jessica Duffy, Ottawa

(Illustration by Tammy Hoy, The Ottawa Citizen)

Sad commentary

The Jan. 3 article, "Homicide blond," by Dr. Tana Dineen, left me deeply disturbed.

Who are all these people out there who find Karla Homolka to be so"fascinating" and who "envy her erotic power"?

What "movie-star looks" are they talking about? "Healthy girl next door image"? "Titillating"? And they're lapping it up. Isn't it a sad commentary on our society?

I can find more appropriate words to describe her, but you wouldn't be allowed to print them.

Please spare us. We've all had enough.

Carolyn Molson, Ottawa


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