Dineen is convinced that her industry is targeting and diversifying its business into the justice system. "I'm an insider. I listen to what my colleagues say," she said. "The money today is in the field of forensics, because psychologists can earn 2.5 times more than they earn from seeing patients."

"This Gun Is Not For Hire: Clinician Slams the Expert-Witness Racket"
By Cheryl Romo, LA Daily Journal December, 1997.

Relying on over 30 years of professional experience, her extensive knowledge of the literature, her wide ranging system of contacts (both within and outside of the profession,) and her continual up-dating of information and databases, Dr. Dineen provides consultant services to lawyers, insurance companies, government agencies and the media.

Dr. Dineen does provide consultation services to lawyers and other professionals. Her expertise is directed towards reviewing and critiquing the notes, reports and assessment data of psychologists and other clinical professionals. As well, Dr. Dineen provides advice regarding legal approach and strategy and has consulted in a number of cases, preparing attorneys to cross-examine 'psychological experts.'

Please note that Dr. Dineen does not provide treatment or assessment services to individuals since her researach indicates that there is little-to-no evidence that these are effective and reliable.

Similarly, Dr. Dineen does not testify in court since, in many cases, this amounts to 'dueling experts' rather than the presentation of clear and verified information.

Areas and topics on which Dr. Dineen can provide a review/critique/opinion include:

  • expertise and competence of the expert
  • professional and best practice standards
  • initial intake, assessment and diagnosis
  • psychological testing - procedure, scoring, interpretation and report
  • clinical record content and consistency
  • treatment - appropriateness, consistency, evaluation and alternatives
  • interdisciplinary consistence, cooperation and communication

After assessing all of the material, Dr. Dineen provides well documented notes, strategic suggestions and supplementary material necessary for the cross-examination process.

Further information and references is available by directly contacting Dr. Dineen at td@tanadineen.com

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