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Psychocracy: The Psychological Sphere of Influence (2004)

Social influence is an aspect of all social interactions and as such, is inherently neither good nor bad.
We are, however, at a place in history where that influence is predominantly psychological.
In pointing to a psychocratic system of governance and in critiquing it, I am not proposing some
new or better alternative or suggesting that we grasp nostalgically back at some prior form of governance.
Nor am I making doomsday predictions of social decay and collapse. However, I am suggesting that
we need to develop a keen awareness of the social influence of psychology and to watch closely how
the shades of influence are shifting so as to more thoughtfully consider the implications for ourselves
and for our nations as we ponder, as every generation has, civilization’s discontents.

The Psychotherapist and the Quest for Power:
How Boundaries have Become an Obsession (2002)

When I faced this dilemma myself almost a decade ago, I handled it in my own way. My choice was consistent
with who I am and with the skepticism I have harbored since the very beginning of my career. I would never
suggest to another psychologists that he or she should follow my example. While a few may choose to step
outside of the boundaries and some may choose to ignore them, most of us will choose to obey the rules.
But we need not do that obediently. We can question authority, both our own and that imposed by others.
And, perhaps, if enough of us do, psychology will be, as my earliest teacher insisted it should be,
“more than common sense.”

Psychotherapy: Snake Oil Of The 90's (1998)

...why is psychotherapy given so much credit? To answer this I think that we need to return to
our image of psychotherapy as psychic snake oil. Like its forerunner, psychotherapy can make people
feel satisfied, if sometimes only briefly, because they have been listened to and made to feel important.
And because, like salesmen of past concoctions, psychologists have a good sales spiel.

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