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Manufacturing Victims begins with the statement: Psychology presents itself as a concerned and caring profession working for the good of its clients, but the effects are damaged people, divided families, distorted justice, destroyed companies, and a weakened nation. Behind the benevolent facade is a self-serving industry that offers 'facts' which are often unfounded, provides 'therapy' which can be damaging, and exerts influence which is having devastating effects on society. The foundation of psychology, its questioning and critical thinking, if it was not always an illusion, has been abandoned in favour of power and profit, leaving only the guise of integrity, a show of arrogance and a financial bottom line. What seemed once a responsible profession is now a big business whose success is directly related to how many people become "users".

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Those within the Psychology Industry, as well as those outside, have cautioned it, criticized it, warned it; and yet it remains unchanged, going about business in its customary way. The Psychology Industry can neither reform itself from within nor should it be allowed to try. It should be stopped from doing what it is doing to people, from manufacturing victims. And while the Psychology Industry is being dismantled, people can boycott psychological treatment, protest the influence of the Psychology Industry and resist being manufactured into victims. And they can wonder what would happen if philosophy took back the issues of 'soul' (psyche) and 'meaning', science took back the study of the body and behaviour, friendship took back its place as the source of consolation and encouragement, and everyone, fabricated victims included, took back their own private lives.

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  • An Introduction,
  • Victim-Making
  • Fabricated Victims
  • The Growth of the Psychology Industry
  • Selling Psychology as Science
  • The Business of Psychology
  • The Technology of Victim-Making
  • Taking Back Our Private Lives
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