Dr. Dineen has been described as
a "dissident psychologist"

by the Ottawa Citizen newspaper,

a "renegade psychologist"

by the National Post and
the San Diego Union Tribune, and

a "heretic" by the LA Daily Journal
(the largest newspaper for lawyers in US).

Her provocative book,

Manufacturing Victims:
What the Psychology Industry is Doing to People,

offered a critical look at psychology, psychotherapy
and the "Psychology Industry."

She is not only an out-spoken critic of her own profession
but also a critical observer of society and social life.

Tana Dineen has over 30 years of experience in the field of psychology. Find out why she was, but is no longer, a licensed "Psychologist," what she has said and written.
Writer Manufacturing Victims was first released in 1996 and significantly revised in 1998 and again in 2001.
Read this book and many other articles and book chapters by Dr. Dineen.
Social Critic As a social critic, Tana Dineen has been a frequent columnist for such newspapers as the Ottawa Citizen and Vancouver Sun, and a contributor to Spiked in London, England.
Discover her perspective on various social and political events.

Tana Dineen's recent updates include:


•  A book review of Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman (2014)

•  A book review of The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson (2012)

•  A book review of Manufacturing Depression: The Secret History of a Modern Disease by Gary Greenberg (2011)

•  A book review of Opinion vs. Opinion, A Review of: Doctoring the mind: Is our current treatment of mental illness really any good? by Richard P. Bentall, (2009)

•  A book review of Shyness: How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness by Christopher Lane. (2009)

•  A book review of Personality: What makes you the way you are by Daniel Nettle (2008)

•  Checklist: A Measure of Evil - A TV documentary by Hilary Pryor (2006) on psychopaths and the Psychopathy Checklist.

•  A book review of The Fallacy of Mother’s Wisdom: A critical perspective on health psychology. By Michael Myslobodsky (2006)

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